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Ensuring that your AS/400 system and infrastructure is secure is far from a trivial undertaking. These complexities often lead to shortcuts, and all too often, to serious exposures remaining in place.

But how do you ensure that the security is appropriate and up to scratch? How do you know that there are no major exposures? How do you audit and review it methodically?

To assist with all these issues, a comprehensive but extremely simple to use product is now available.... the AS400 Security Toolkit. This is a series of top quality audit plans and guides, focused entirely upon the security of your AS/400 system and infrastructure.

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The AS400 Security Toolkit is a valuable collection of electronic items and documents to assist in ensuring that your security is sound. Each item included is tried and trusted in a variety of organizations, across the world.

The toolkit is shipped in two formats: PDF and RTF. The latter is provided for those organizations which wish to import the documents to MS-Word or similar, perhaps for editing or for adding additional elements. It comprises audit/review plans covering:

  • Logical Access Control
  • Audit Trails
  • Capacity
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Recovery
  • Standards and Procedures
  • User administration
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Standards and Procedures

It also includes a free copy of Rey LeClerc's excellent 20 page statement on AS400 Security, outlining a wide range of AS400 security considerations.

The toolkit is designed to help you review and audit the full array of security issues. It should help you gain the assurance you need.

Audit Toolkit Further Information

If you need any further information on the AS/400 Security Toolkit, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Safestone Technologies Other Tools - Safestone Technologies

The DetectIT System covers all aspects of information security, system security, application security and object security. It offers an extremely flexible approach, enabling active and pro-active security management.

It's various components are designed to enable you to be fully covered:

  • DetectIT-ACF: - Offers Access Control
  • DetectIT-ASC: - Offers Application System and Object Control
  • DetectIT-AUD: - Offers Audit and Monitor Control
  • DetectIT-NET: - Offers Network Control
  • DetectIT-MAP: - Offers Menu and Application Program Control
  • DetectIT-C/S: - Offers Client/Server Control
The product range covers all aspects of security, re-enforcing its reputation as the market leader for AS/400 security and security management. Note: See also Safestone's audit, access control and authentication solutions


If, however, you need further assistance or guidance on Detect-IT or other Safestone Technologies products, please contact them directly

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